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Premium Push Buttons

The brass push button is used primarily with the HQ Series displays and is wired to the back of the displays with 22 AWG 2-conductor wire. If the display is in “counter” mode, it will advance the number on the display one at a time, or it can be wired to decrease the number on the display. If the display is in “timer” mode, the push button will start or stop the timer. Unlimited push buttons may be wired to a display.
(Display sold separately)

Standard Push Buttons

Used predominantly with a Standard Series display, the standard push button is connected to the display’s back, using 22 AWG 2-conductor wire.  When the display is set to the “counter” mode, the numbers will advance individually, or it can also be set so the numbers decrease. In “timer” mode, the push button stops or starts the timer. The display allows an unlimited number of push buttons wired to it. (Display sold separately)


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