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Tickets & Accessories

Next Please 2 Digit Tickets 

The 2-Digit take-a-number tickets are available in 5 Roll Packs up to 30 Roll Packs


Next Please 3 Digit Tickets 

The 3-Digit take-a-number tickets are available in 5 Roll Packs up to 30 Roll Packs


Electronic Ticket Printing System

This electronic ticketing system prints the number, time and date on a ticket with the push of a button.


Next Please 2 Digit Dispenser

Next PleaseTicket Dispenser will hold 2 digit Take A Number tickets.


Next Please 3 Digit Ticket Dispenser

The 3 digit Ticket Dispenser may be mounted one of three ways.


Next Please Take A Number Sign

Large take a number sign is compatible with all stands.


Next Please Floor Stand

This durable unit is made for high traffic environments, and is used in numerous Take-A-Number applications.


Next Please Metal Counter Stand

Next Please heavy duty metal counter stand.


Standard Counter Stand

Standard counter stand is versatile and can be used on any counter space.


Next Please Wireless RF Remotes

The RF Wireless Remote Control operates all the Standard Wireless Series Displays.


Wireless HQ IR Remotes

The IR Wireless Remote Control operates all the HQ Series Displays.


Standard and HQ Pushbuttons

Standard push button is used with the Standard Series Brass push button is used with the HQ Series displays.



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